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Model: 4.0846
50 x 36cmLarge apertures ensures exceptional food and dirt pick-up.Antibacterial properties inhibit growth of bacteria on the cloth.Cloth offers a combination of great absorption and strength that you would expect from a heavy weight cloth.Machine washable and reusable.Cleaning agent compatible.Colo..
Model: 78.1002
  Real cost savings Compact capsule = 20L liquid (approx) Ease of handling and storage No risk of spillage – simplifies health and safety Hygienic wall mounted – no drums on the floor Minimises waste – environmentally friendly Availa..
Model: 87.1004
For use after dilution through the Bowstar Blend or Bowstar Clean systems A clear, red, water-soluble liquid, it is a powerful three characteristic degreaser, combining alkalis, specialist detergents and effective water soluble solvents. Ideal to rapidly remove grease, oils and fats from s..
Model: 11.1112
300ml pump bottle of luxury premium hand soap which will create a high quality feel in your washroom.5L Refill available- code 11.1117..
Model: 11.1113
300ml pump bottle of luxury premium hand moisturiser to provide that extra high quality touch in your washroom.5L Refill available- code 11.1120..
Model: 108.4635
Extend the life of your SelfCookingCenter combi oven with Care Controls by using these Rational 56.00.562 care tabs. These tabs are developed with special scale-dissolving ingredients to prevent limescale buildup and guarantee maximum operational reliability at all times without a water softener and..
Model: 108.5638
Extend the life of your SelfCookingCenter combi oven without Care Control by using these Rational 56.00.211 rinsing tabs! When you consider all of the different things you can do with your SelfCookingCenter combi oven-- cook, steam, roast, and even bake - it's simple to imagine how quickly the cabin..
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