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Model: 31.081610
Premium quality napkins with linen feel. Pink...
Model: 31.08165
Premium quality napkins with linen feel. Red...
Model: 31.0817
Premium quality napkins with linene feel...
Model: 13.0679
Aluminium safe dishwash detergent for use in cabinet dishwashing machines...
Model: 74.1025
Cleans and sterilises beer lines and pumps...
Model: 80.2015
A liquid enzymatic biological digester specially formulated for use in overworked drainage systems. Auto dosed directly into the drain by a pump system Bio Dose will maintain fat traps, drains, sinks and small bore pipes where fatty waste often congeals to cause blockages and odours. Bio Dose is eco..
Model: 80.2020
A dry biological powder containing selected micro- organisms and ‘free’ enzymes that efficiently and safely reduce the greasy waste and solids evacuated into the drainage systems of kitchens and other catering and food processing areas. Bio Mix is suitable for use in all types of drains,..
Model: 82.1005
White ABS plastic. Key locking. Usage window and hidden serrated edge. H350 x W230 x D235mm..
Model: 13.0745
A food safe non-perfumed cleaner. Removes grease and fat from a variety of surfaces. Ideal for floor mopping in food preparation areas. Dilute with water 1:20...
Model: 74.9001
A concentrated foodsafe cleaner and sanitiser suitable for most hard surfaces and equipment. Kills most commonly found bacteria and is ideal for use in kitchens, food preparation areas and hospitals. Dilute 1:30 with water and apply with mop, cloth, or trigger spray. Not classified as hazardous. Con..
Model: 19.0722
General purpose washing up detergent for many uses...
Model: 22.1002
Ideal for heavy duty cleaning on pots & pans etc.Removes grease and burnt-on food...
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