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Rational Blue Rinsing Tabs

Rational Blue Rinsing Tabs
Rational Blue Rinsing Tabs
  • Product Code: 108.5638
  • Case Quantity : 50
Extend the life of your SelfCookingCenter combi oven without Care Control by using these Rational 56.00.211 rinsing tabs! When you consider all of the different things you can do with your SelfCookingCenter combi oven-- cook, steam, roast, and even bake - it's simple to imagine how quickly the cabinet's interior might lose its luster without proper cleaning. Made from a highly concentrated formula guaranteed to go further than standard liquid formulas, these highly effective tabs not only help keep your unit's cooking chamber hygienically clean and sparkling for years to come but also play an integral role in preventative maintenance.

Using these rinsing tabs helps boost the combi oven's consistency so you can continue to provide customers with a reliably delicious product, and they also help to maintain the unit's efficiency for maximum productivity over the long haul. Whether you're cooking steak, pizza, veggies, or more, these rinsing tabs are a must-have addition to any kitchen equipped with a SelfCookingCenter combi oven without Care Control.
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