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Bowcare Orangex Cleaner

Model: 80.2000
A powerful ready to use orange cleaner and degreaser. Ideal for spot cleaning and spray and wipe. Utilises the natural solvent extracted from citrus fruits. A safer and more effective alternative to most janitorial cleaning chemicals. Smells gorgeous!!..
Model: 80.2005
The only cleaner you will ever need! One of the most powerful and versatile cleaners available. May be used successfully for all types of janitorial and most types of industrial cleaning applications. Undiluted it will remove chewing gum and tar from carpets as well as grease, ink, adhesive and seal..
Model: 77.1001
A must for the Bowcare 5L 'Ready to Use' chemical Refill System. Refill bottles safely with this handy tap. The 5L bottle must be on a shelf for best results...
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