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Cloths, Scourers & Wipes

Model: 54.501
Surface Disinfectant Wipes 20x20cmDesigned for the safe disinfection of all hard surfaces including worktops, door handles, sanitary ware, stainless steel etc. Indirect food contact safe.The essential wipe for food preparation areas.Kills 99.99% of all bacteria including E-coli, Salmonella, Liste..
Model: 22.1010
Ideal for the disinfection of all office surfaces, telephone handsets, keyboards, computer mouse and desks. Kill bacteria in a single wipe..
Model: 22.1003
Ideal for tough cleaning.Dampen the scourer and rub onto desired surface to ease-off stains and grease marks...
Model: 28.4700
Blue plastic cleaners' tidy tray.Easy organiser with durable construction...
Model: 22.0553
A medium weight stockinette cleaning cloth ideal for all cleaning tasks...
Model: 27.0784
Flat hardwearing Scourer, ideal for removing stubborn grease and stains...
Model: 22.0554
Heavyweight floorcloth for tough cleaning tasks...
Model: 22.0560
High quality linen cloth ideal for cleaning glasses...
Model: 22.0545
All purpose cloth for fast absorption applications. Assorted colours..
Model: 27.0785
Absorbent sponge with light-abrasive green scourer attached.Ideal for removing stubborn stains and burnt on food...
Model: 22.0556
Quality mini-check tea towel...
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