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Carpet Care & Dust Control

Model: 74.3001
Removes spots and stains from carpets and upholstery that are water safe. Can be used as a single solution or as a pre-spray prior to extraction cleaning...
Model: 74.1013
Cleans all types of carpet. For shampoo machine. Dilute with water 1:10...
Model: 74.1012
An effective cleaner of carpets and upholstery. Low foaming, for use with hot or cold water. For extraction machine. Dilute with water 1:50...
Model: 46.1832
A butane based chewing gum remover which is a fast and mess-free way of removing gum from most surfaces. Unwanted gum is frozen into a hard lump, making it easy to chip off and remove, leaving no residue, the propellant flashing off quickly. Benefits:Easily applied using the fixed extension noz..
Model: 127.445
A specialised de-foaming agent to be added to liquid recovery tanks on cleaning machines...
Model: 22.10372
40cm blue coloured acrylic. For 22.1043. For red use code 22.10375..
Model: 22.10375
40cm coloured acrylic. For Dustmate Sweeper Frame 40cm: 22.1043..
Model: 22.10392
60cm blue coloured acrylic. For 22.1045. For red use code 22.10395..
Model: 22.10395
60cm coloured acrylic. For Dustmate Sweeper Frame 60cm: 22.1045..
Model: 22.1046
For dust control. Requires handle 86-100 + colour. See p.40. For cost effective sweeping of large areas...
Model: 22.10402
80cm blue coloured acrylic. For 22.1046. For red use code 22.10405..
Model: 22.10405
80cm coloured acrylic. For Dustmate 80cm Sweeper Frame: 22.1046..
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