Orbis Compact 240rpm, machine only

Stock Code: OB28240

Orbis Compact 240rpm, machine only

WHAT IS THE ORBIS COMPACT? With a 28 cm cleaning diameter, this rotary floor cleaner offers an effective solution for smaller and confined areas. Easy to use, the Orbis Compact features clear, simple controls and an in-line motor making the machine easy to manoeuvre.

WHAT IS THIS ROTARY BEST SUITED FOR? This compact rotary can be used to effectively clean hard floors and carpets. It’s ideal for; hospitals and nursing homes, hotels and catering facilities, schools and universities, with its compact size perfect for cleaning and scrubbing smaller or confined areas.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THIS ROTARY FLOOR CLEANER? Weighing 22 kg, this rotary provides the optimal balance between cleaning performance and ease of use. It features a folding handle for easy transportation and storage. This machine has a high brush pressure for effective scrubbing of hard floors. Low operating noise level for minimal disturbance. With a specially designed carpet brush, the Orbis Compact can also be used to clean carpets. Using low moisture carpet encapsulation chemicals, this rotary provides superior and effective cleaning in all carpeted areas. A 5 litre solution tank is available to create ultimate productivity. Fully adjustable handle for operator comfort. The handle features twin safety interlocks and a dead man’s switch for increased safety.

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